Upgrade kit for machines Gauges skin type METRAPLAN, SELIN, etc..



The MP-1 KIT makes it possible to modernize the old skin measuring machines based on METRAPLAN or SELIN type cell bridge.

It has a modular design which gives great flexibility to adapt to the different existing models.



– Direct reading of METRAPLAN cell bridges of the PP64 family.

– Marking the skin with the thermal head CT-1.

– Sending data via a RS232 communication port.

– Support program COVECOST for the administrative management of production.

– Viewing and programming parameters through the main console.


programmable parameters:

· Marked intensity.

· Unit of measure (Feet or square decimeters).

· Type/Class of skin.

· Measurement correction percentage.

· Enabling the bookmark.

· Marked position.

· Advancement of printing paper.


The MP-1 monitors at all times the system detects any anomalies that may occur as:

· Incorrect engine speed.

· Defective lighting.

· Wiring problems.

Incorrect measurements.

Set as default language
93 850 65 88